New Constitution – approved 08 Oct 2017

This amended constitution, below, was approved at the Annual Meeting of the Friends of St
Mary’s held in Church House on 8 October 2017.


1) The Association shall be called “The Friends of St Mary’s, Long Crendon”.
2) The objects of the Friends shall be the preservation, repair, restoration, improvement
and ornamentation of the fabric of St Mary the Virgin, Long Crendon and the fabric of
the building known as Church House, Long Crendon so long as that building remains the
responsibility of the Parochial Church Council and is used for charitable purposes and to
provide articles for use in worship in St Mary the Virgin, Long Crendon. In furtherance
of the above objects but not further or otherwise the Friends shall have the following
a) to raise funds and to invite and receive contributions from any persons or persons
whatsoever by way of subscriptions and otherwise provided that no permanent trading
activities shall be undertaken in raising funds for the primary charitable objects.
b) to make payments to the Parochial Church Council.
3) Membership of the Friends shall be open to all those interested in furthering the
objects of the Friends. Membership is not restricted to any particular religious
4) Members of the Friends shall include all those who have paid to attend a paying event
put on by the Friends since the previous Annual Meeting, as well as those who pay an
Annual Subscription of not less than £5.00 per year and Life Members who paid their
single subscription before 17 October 2010.
5) The affairs of the Friends shall be conducted by a Committee which shall be elected at
the Annual Meeting of the Friends. Those elected shall comprise a Chairman, Secretary
and Treasurer together with between three and seven further members. The Incumbent
and the Treasurer of the PCC shall be ex-officio members. Should a vacancy exist at
other times of the year, new Committee members may be co-opted provided that their
appointment is approved unanimously. One member of the Orde-Browne family may
have the right if they so wish to be a member of the Committee at any time. All
Committee members shall be trustees of the charity.
6) The Annual Meeting of the Friends shall take place within the months of September,
October and November. A quorum shall exist when a total of twenty members are
present including Committee members.7) Responsibilities of the Committee:
a) meetings shall take place at least four times a year and a quorum shall exist when
five or more members are present.
b) the Committee shall ensure that all funds are used in furtherance of the objects
declared above. Reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred in the administration of
the Friends may however be approved by the Committee.
8) The Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving all monies from subscriptions and
from events organised to raise funds for the Friends and crediting such funds to the
Friends’ accounts. The Treasurer shall make appropriate payments to or on behalf of the
Parochial Church Council.
All major outgoings shall be paid through the Friends’ bank account and cheques shall be
signed by two of the Officers. For this purpose the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of
the Friends shall be the authorised signatories.
9) The Secretary shall be responsible for the dissemination of information to the
Committee and to Members, for the production of newsletters and such necessary co-
ordination with the PCC as may be required. The Secretary shall also be responsible for
the general day-to-day business of the Friends.
10) Alteration of the rules may only be made at a General Meeting of members by a
majority of two thirds of those members present. No alteration shall be made to clause 2,
this clause or the dissolution clause and no alteration shall be made to any clause which
would cause the Friends to cease to be a charity at law.
11) The Friends may be dissolved by a Resolution passed by a two thirds majority of
those present and voting at a Special General Meeting convened for this purpose. In the
event of such dissolution all assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and
liabilities shall not be distributed amongst the members but shall be used for the purposes
of the Church of St Mary’s or shall be transferred or given to such charitable institution or
institutions having objects similar to or the same as the objects of the Friends.